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Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR Rear

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Dual Sport Rear



Designed specifically for the latest generation of adventure, dual purpose and dnduro street bikes, it manages to combine the best performance of a rally competition tyre with tat of an enduro street tyre. Providing off road performance combined with excellent handling, grip and stability on the road.

  • Compound high in silica content providing excellent grip in any conditions of use and high mileage.
  • Street type profiles and structure to guarantee top notch handling on the road
  • Innovative tread pattern to provide both traction on dirt roads and stability on asphalt.

The main advantages and benefits that the new SCORPIONRALLY STR provides to the rider are:

  • excellent traction off road thanks to the new tread pattern.
  • performance on the road that boasts handling, stability and grip in both dry and wet conditions. The profiles, structure and compound stem from Pirelli's experience in the street enduro segment, where products such as the SCORPION™ Trail and SCORPION™ Trail II have won numerous comparative tyre tests conducted by the most prestigious international magazines and are original equipment on many key models.

Tread pattern

As already mentioned the SCORPIONRALLY STR tread pattern is that of a true knobbly, optimised for use on the road thanks to the increased rubber surface area in contact with the ground in the tread contact area. The tread of the SCORPIONRALLY STR has a completely new geometry and knob height-width ratio that is brand new to the market. Thanks to this feature, Pirelli has succeeded in achieving increased stability on the road without compromising traction off road. In fact, the large central knobs ensure a wider tread contact area, thereby increasing stability for use on the road even at high speeds and at the same time reducing wear. The ample central indentations allow the knobs to penetrate the terrain, providing top of the line off road traction


Scorpion Rally STR



The SCORPIONRALLY STR tread has a single layer with high silica content, both on the front and the rear, for the purpose of achieving high tear resistance, stability, superior abrasion resistance and a high level of grip in both dry and wet conditions. The silica content is greater than 55%, with a balanced percentage of carbon black and resin.

Particular attention was paid to selecting the polymers and fillers to harmonise their combination in the best possible way. Thanks in part to Pirelli's exclusive and patented blending process, the silica and carbon black were combined with new types of resins, oils and polymers, improving cohesion and reaching an extremely high level of uniformity. This was the key to maximising the potential of the components and improving their characteristics, allowing them all to take maximum advantage of their own chemical and mechanical properties to guarantee stable and long-lasting performance.




The SCORPIONRALLY STR profiles stem directly from the ones used on the SCORPION™ Trail II, with the specific purpose of improving performance on the road.

Maintaining the Pirelli variable rounding philosophy, in the case of the SCORPIONRALLY STR, the size of the cord and the overall length of the profile's development were increased in order to increase the tread contact surface and therefore grip and stability, even when cornering. The height of the “cap” was increased significantly in order to improve shock absorption, comfort and stability.

The profiles of the front and rear tyre have a similar pattern and geometry in order to ensure matched performance of the set.




The structure adopted on the SCORPIONRALLY STR takes its inspiration from the structure developed for the SCORPION™ Trail II, but it has a few important modifications: the steel belt at 0 degrees of the radial sizes has a differentiated density throughout the profile. This allows the structural stiffness to be increased in the grooves between the central and lateral knobs, increasing the overall resistance of the tread contact surface to deformation, with a great advantage to stability, even with a full load and on heavy bikes.

Even the structure of the criss-cross angle of the plies was modified to increase the resistance of the casing to lateral and longitudinal stress and to support the tread pattern at variable lean angles.

The rayon cords that make up the radial casing are characterised by a superior linear density and rigidity, in order to optimise the shock absorption effect of the entire structure.



 SCORPIONRALLY STR will initially be available from January 2017 in the sizes that come on the new Ducati Scrambler, but during the course of the year, the range will be expanded to include more sizes. The complete range of sizes is below:



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