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Michelin Pilot Road 4 Rear

Michelin Pilot Road 4
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Sports rear

The new for 2014 MICHELIN® Pilot™ Road 4 is an all new range of motorcycle tires, available in three versions: the MICHELIN Pilot Road 4, MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 GT and MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 Trail.

Intended for road use only, these tires cover most categories of road motorcycles of more than 600cc.They were designed to deliver maximum safety in the most common conditions of use, especially on wet roads and in particular when braking.

Michelin will also be an Original Equipment supplier for the new BMW R 1200 RT with the MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 GT. The fact that BMW has selected the MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 for this bike – the bestselling bike in its category – reflects the level of performance it provides.

In short, the MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 delivers enhanced safety in all situations and extended tire life. They are a tangible illustration of the Total Performance™ strategy from Michelin, which strives to constantly and simultaneously improve tire performance characteristics across the board.

With the MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 tires, the aim is to enable as many motorcyclists as possible to experience safe riding in nearly all conditions.



  • Stops Faster

    MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 tires stop faster in the wet than any other tires in the category. But don't just take our word for it. Independent tests prove it.* The MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 brakes 17% shorter than its closest competitor on wet pavements and even better on slippery wet surfaces thanks to MICHELIN XST+ sipes technology. All of which means, riding in the rain should feel safer and more secure, and a lot less stressful.

  • Lasts Longer

    Thanks to improved 2CT technology, the new MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 lasts 20% longer than MICHELIN Pilot Road 3 tires**. Over the long run, that adds up to fewer tire changes and a lower total cost of ownership.

  • Grips the road in virtually all conditions

    All-new silica-charged rubber compounds were developed for the MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 tires. These compounds are specially formulated to provide excellent grip on a wide range of road surfaces, including painted lines and pedestrian crossings, making it easier for you to ride with confidence in virtually all conditions.***

  • MICHELIN 2AT provides extra stability for heavier loads

    Whether you are riding your GT-class bike solo, 2-up or with luggage, you'll appreciate the added stability provided by MICHELIN's new 2AT technology. With MICHELIN 2AT technology, your heavy touring bike will feel stable and secure in both straight line and cornering situations.         

The new MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 GT tire has been successfully homologated on BMW R 12000 RT and will equip 40% of its new models.


Michelin Pilot Road 4 Standard
120/60 ZR 17
120/70 ZR 17
150/70 ZR 17
160/60 ZR 17
180/55 ZR 17
190/50 ZR 17
190/55 ZR 17

Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT
120/70 ZR 17
120/70 ZR 18
170/60 ZR 17
180/55 ZR 17
190/50 ZR 17
190/55 ZR 17

Michelin Pilot Road 4 Trail
110/80 R 19
120/70 R 19
150/70 R 17
170/60 R 17

MICHELIN XST X-Sipe Technology

MICHELIN XST X-Sipe Technology incorporates patented sipes and integrated water reservoir technology, giving increased water drainage capacity.

The MICHELIN XST X-Sipe Technology offers more grip on wet roads, due to its patented sipes and water reservoirs incorporated into the tread, giving increased water drainage capacity.

This technology is used in the MICHELIN Pilot Road 3


MICHELIN 2CT Two Compound Technology

MICHELIN 2CT dual-compound technology successfully accomplishes two conflicting ideals: wear resistance in the centre of the tread, and grip on the shoulders.

The rubber compound in the center is harder to withstand aggressive acceleration and braking.
The rubber compound in the shoulder is softer to maximise grip on the lean angle.
Here is an example of the distribution of soft rubber and hard rubber on a set of Michelin Power Pure:


MICHELIN 2AT Dual Angle Technology

For a more stable and comfortable ride.

Michelin's patented new 2AT Dual Angle Technology is a revolutionary design architecture for motorcycle tires that delivers the stiffness you need for heavier touring bikes, and the comfort you desire for the long ride. MICHELIN 2AT uniquely combines elements of both bias and radial tire designs during the manufacturing process in order to deliver the best of both worlds: the extra load carrying capacity of bias and the riding please of a radial.


MICHELIN XST+ X-Sipes Technology

The new XST generation !

Patented sipes and integrated water resevoirs allow the MICHELIN XST X-Sipe Technology to deliver exceptional grip on wet roads. XST + technology includes transverse sipes to improve wet braking and chamfers added to the sipe edges to help prevent abnormal wear in extreme conditions. The transverse sipes allow the front tire to break the water film and ensure outstanding braking in wet weather.

  • 150/70-17
  • 160/60-17
  • 170/60-17
  • 180/55-17
  • 190/50-17
  • 190/55-17


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